Gargi, a communication professional for nearly two decades and ghost writer of non-fiction books, lives in the Bangalore suburbs with 7 dogs, 200+ plants, multiple garden creatures, birds, fish and one husband.


Decades ago she believed Yoga was about how many Surya Namaskaras one can do at one go till by Lord Krishna's grace & guidance she decided to take up YTT at Shrimath and met the other Krishna. It has been an enlightening journey since then. The Kriyas, Mantra Sadhana and Yoga Nidra have personally made a HUGE difference in her way of life and she recommends Shrimath's way of teaching to anyone who wants to deep-dive into Yoga as a philosophy and a way of life.

With the help of various courses she has undertaken at Shrimath & Indic Foundation, she believes she become more grateful, more 'present' and hopes to find the right balance between holding on and letting go and walk inwards everyday towards our core self of Sat-Chit-Ananda.