There is a common perception that Life Coaching is for professionals working in Corporate sector and entrepreneurs only. This is because of the compartmentalized view of life as Work and Life. Here too, if we strictly go by how coaching industry operates, it should have been called as Work Coaching!

Work is part of Life and it needs to be given appropriate weightage. But when Life becomes Work then its drudgery and that's what is happening today.

The coaching programs promoted by Indic Foundation aims to take coaching to the commoner and experts alike as each has to set their vision right, discover their innate potential, build their capacity to understand, accept and manifest excellence in life, irrespective of the roles one is mandated to play.

There is no point in being a successful person in the eyes of the World but at home one is unable to see eye to eye with the near and dear ones, or vice versa. This program helps us to get into dialogue and discussion with all those matter to us instead of adopting a defensive or offensive stands.

Keeping this background in mind, we would like to present a few of the graduates of this program. This list is growing steadily as more and more individuals are finding value in undertaking this journey of self discovery where life coaching is an added bonus.

The backgrounds of participants till now include: ICF certified life coaches, school teachers, content writers, Yoga teachers, teachers of kids with special needs, martial artists, naval architect, language translators, home makers, software developers, entrepreneurs, tour operators, wellness consultants, researchers in the field of chemistry, sales & marketing professionals, finance consultants, agriculturists etc.,

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Chitra Narayanan

Lalita Lidia Mahrus

Gururaj Rao

Shanti Arunkumar

Rajashree Anand

Michael Lowman

Vijayalakshmi Babu

Gargi RayChakraborty

Ashutosh Mishra

Babu Ponnusamy

Harini Challa

Aishwarya Balaji

Annapurna Lolla


Bhavana Rajesh

N Jaisimha

Ushana Chetty

Laura Kubiak

Giridhar Kamath

Priya Ramakrishnan

Sanjana Thandaveswaran

Sriranjani Ravi

Radha Srinivasan