'Actions speak louder than words' is a known adage.

Today we hear concepts like hoʻoponopono (Hawaii), one community many eyes (Australian Aboriginals) etc., - these concepts were there even before someone started to write the history of the World.

Fortunately in the living traditions of India there are a plethora of concepts which are well documented and handed over from one generation to the next, for at least a few thousands of years now. The collection of these ever relevant concepts is now being called indic thoughts.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) is doing yeoman service to the coaching industry and the aspirants alike. Indic Life Coaching programs would mirror the ICF norms.

The programs offered by Indic Foundation are built by blending these indic thoughts and today's interventions designed by neuro scientists as well as other leading lights.

The word Acharya denotes the one who teaches more by the way they live than by mere words. This living is born out of an understanding, practice and realization of life's principles that are beyond the scope of any organized religion that we know of, today.

The objective of our programs is enable this Acharya-ness, in the participants, then wearing the hat of a Life Coach is their choice.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. Carl Jung