Jaisimha N holds Post Graduation in Business Management from Sringeri Sharada Institute of Management, New Delhi. He chose to study there for 2 reasons: (1) He is from Sringeri and (2) He wanted to study where Indian Ethos is also taught.

He has travelled far and wide in India due to his Sales job. Since 2005 he is in the Electronics (obsolete, hard to find, military grade and emerging technologies) field. He has thorough knowledge of how Public, Private & MNC sectors work. Due to his grounding in Indian Sastras, he could deal with situations and people more objectively.

During pandemic, he started to equip himself with Sastra & Yoga related studies. He completed Yoga Nidra, 200hrs & Certificate Courses in Yoga. Jaisimha is a Certified Life coach from Indic Foundation.

Jaisimha lives in Bangalore with his wife and 2 children.