Lalita Lidia Mahrus is a Crisis Counselor for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. She had earlier worked as a Shelter Advocate for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Lalita Lidia had a successful career as a master hairstylist, salon owner, and hair design teacher. Later she worked towards her international certification in Yoga from Shrimath and went on to combine Yoga and the martial arts Jukido Jujitsu. .

She is a dedicated student of Life and Present Moment. Her mission is to Protect, Heal and Transform Lives - Touch Hearts, Minds, and Open Eyes to bring back Balance and Understanding.

Lalita Lidia Mahrus is originally from Poland but now lives in the United States. She is a grateful mother of two sons, fulfilled life partner, daughter, and sister. She swears by the quote attributed to E Stepnicka, "You are not a problem to be solved. You are a Miracle to be Discovered”.

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