Shanti Arunkumar is a Yoga instructor. She has two ventures in the field of Yoga. (1) Vistara Yoga: for online classes and (2) Sushrutha Yoga': for Offline Yoga sessions.

Shanti is an English verbal tutor for students aspiring to crack the SAT, TOEFL, ACT,GRE, IELTS, the CLAT and the CAT. She is also an excellent coach of English language.

Shanti is also a Certified Career counsellor and a Content Contributor for some websites. She is a prolific writer of short stories and those have been published as part of Anthologies, by HARPER COLLINS and are available on Amazon.


During the pandemic, I wanted to equip myself with Teacher certificate and she was led into learning the teacher training Yoga course from Shrimath Yoga, through a series of serendipitous connections, which she feels are messages from the Divine, orchestrating these and ended up completing the Life Coaching program offered by Indic Foundation which is supported by Shrimath.

KP Sir is such a storehouse of knowledge and yet so down-to-earth about everything. That's the biggest virtue of a true teacher, which the students unconsciously imbibe. The theory sessions conducted by Krishna Prakash are beautifully imparted, in a very realistic manner, using day to day allusions and making the content more relatable

I feel that I have evolved in manifold ways after enrolling at Shrimath & Indic Foundation.